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Latitude: 51.5073, Longitude: -0.1277


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Henry Arthur  1870London, England, UK I6126
2 Benjamin, Augusta  1876London, England, UK I6544
3 Bird, Vera Kate  27 Jul 1903London, England, UK I30674
4 Bond, Margaret  London, England, UK I6131
5 Bowman, Edna Maud  15 Jul 1901London, England, UK I9384
6 Bowman, Inez Althea  5 May 1919London, England, UK I9386
7 Chivers, Emily  1870London, England, UK I52708
8 Chivers, Walter  1867London, England, UK I52685
9 Cole, Minnie Mabel  5 Nov 1904London, England, UK I4597
10 Day, Frederick  1909London, England, UK I21513
11 Dingley, Florence Harriet  15 Jul 1895London, England, UK I46615
12 Domaille, Edwin  1885London, England, UK I35608
13 Flegg, George A.  1880London, England, UK I1385
14 Flegg, William  1878London, England, UK I1384
15 Freeman, Catherine Beatrice  3 Oct 1865London, England, UK I428
16 Fry, Henry George  1867London, England, UK I57226
17 Gale, Mary Jane  1844London, England, UK I33151
18 Gould, Ada Matilda  1888London, England, UK I1371
19 Groome, Symon  Abt 1660London, England, UK I5252
20 Harding, Caroline  1825London, England, UK I48613
21 Harrison, Esther  12 Jan 1839London, England, UK I780
22 Hyne, Minnie Ferris  1879London, England, UK I41344
23 James, Arthur Rupert  1882London, England, UK I12116
24 Kerton, Eliza Jane  1867London, England, UK I51812
25 Kindell, Violet Beatrice  28 Jun 1917London, England, UK I61387
26 King, Ethel  1890London, England, UK I50954
27 King, Priscilla Jane  17 Jun 1878London, England, UK I54654
28 Lambert, Albert  1893London, England, UK I16355
29 Lambert, William H.  1891London, England, UK I16353
30 Lansdall, Mary Ann  1816London, England, UK I13646
31 Lasbury, Mabel Kate  26 Oct 1900London, England, UK I1056
32 Lasbury, Thomas Jnr  Abt 1697London, England, UK I6176
33 Last, Frederick Thomas David  1882London, England, UK I40942
34 Leatherdale, Oliver  1824London, England, UK I8044
35 Marsh, Edward  1791London, England, UK I50384
36 Matthews, Emma Matilda  1870London, England, UK I53383
37 Mazzier, Kate  1887London, England, UK I5788
38 McGuckin, Leo Barton Hume  30 Jan 1890London, England, UK I5226
39 Miller, Frances Jane  1823London, England, UK I29418
40 Mitchinson, John  1829London, England, UK I3997
41 Morris, Alice  1862London, England, UK I31024
42 Mount, George William Augustus  1859London, England, UK I53382
43 Nichols, Stanley  1894London, England, UK I18993
44 Nock, William H.  1888London, England, UK I59530
45 Offer, Frederick Charles  1889London, England, UK I19821
46 Piddell, Ellen  1854London, England, UK I2327
47 Piddell, John  1849London, England, UK I2325
48 Piddell, Margaret Bridget  1851London, England, UK I2326
49 Pitt, Arthur  1910London, England, UK I5794
50 Plummer, Edmund Henry  26 Dec 1805London, England, UK I779

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Balaban, Irma  1988London, England, UK I1499
2 Borrowman, Ethel Elizabeth  1986London, England, UK I30672
3 Borrowman, Hilda Mary  6 Jan 2011London, England, UK I30678
4 Borrowman, Winifred Louisa  1976London, England, UK I30677
5 Bridges, William  16 Dec 1933London, England, UK I44804
6 Cellier, Frank  27 Sep 1948London, England, UK I32936
7 Cottle, Frederick  1925London, England, UK I21975
8 Hailing, Richard  1845London, England, UK I16408
9 Harris, Florence Nellie  26 Oct 1931London, England, UK I32935
10 Hobson, Frederick William  1902London, England, UK I1152
11 Lasbury, Jane  1732London, England, UK I5255
12 Lasbury, John  1686London, England, UK I5254
13 Mansell, Emma Elizabeth  15 Feb 1950London, England, UK I43346
14 Mansell, Thomas  1884London, England, UK I7011
15 Mason, Samuel George Herbert  20 May 1960London, England, UK I44349
16 Pearce, James Spence  22 May 1862London, England, UK I46425
17 Piddell, William King  1941London, England, UK I2275
18 Pude, John Francis  4 Nov 1945London, England, UK I39138
19 Rendle, William Edgecumbe  3 Sep 1881London, England, UK I32938
20 Ricketts, Harold  12 Dec 1897London, England, UK I20863
21 Salter, Roger  1822London, England, UK I57304
22 Wills, Tom Avory  17 Apr 1933London, England, UK I4210


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Lasbury, Jane  18 Aug 1732London, England, UK I5255
2 Lasbury, John  19 Jan 1686London, England, UK I5254


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Bird, Vera Kate  20 Sep 1903London, England, UK I30674
2 Hyne, Minnie Ferris  27 Jul 1879London, England, UK I41344
3 Leatherdale, Oliver  17 Oct 1824London, England, UK I8044


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Pitt, James Paradise  22 May 1912London, England, UK I83


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Baragwanath, Christopher John  10 Aug 1940London, England, UK I6285
2 Beaumont, Frederick  1911London, England, UK I51559
3 Brooks, Oliver VC  1939London, England, UK I20320
4 Browne, Bernard Frederick  10 Aug 1940London, England, UK I6286
5 Davis, Thomas  1864London, England, UK I3528
6 Hobson, Frederick John  1881London, England, UK I90
7 Hobson, Henry  1881London, England, UK I1146
8 Landesmann, Robert Ernest  1891London, England, UK I5260
9 Landesmann, Robert Ernest  1901London, England, UK I5260
10 Lasbury, Isaac Arthur  1881London, England, UK I977
11 Lasbury, Isaac Arthur  1891London, England, UK I977
12 Lasbury, Isaac Arthur  1901London, England, UK I977
13 McGuckin, Barton  1891London, England, UK I5223
14 Pearce, Richard Jennings Stevenson  1861London, England, UK I45931
15 Pitt, Elizabeth  1871London, England, UK I5704
16 Pitt, Frederick Morton Clarence  1911London, England, UK I5709


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Baker, Hannah Louise  21 Sep 1939London, England, UK I3569
2 Cohen, Lionel  17 Jan 1929London, England, UK I985
3 Favell, Ellen Clara  23 Aug 1940London, England, UK I3529
4 Lasbury, Abraham  27 Nov 1925London, England, UK I3555
5 Lasbury, Elenora Kate  2 Jun 1964London, England, UK I741
6 Lasbury, Frederick  4 May 1939London, England, UK I3556
7 Lasbury, Percival Albert  2 Nov 1949London, England, UK I1330
8 Richardson, Harry Victor Lasbury  3 Feb 1940London, England, UK I390


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Long, Frederick  1872London, England, UK I5710
2 Pitt, Elizabeth  1871London, England, UK I5704
3 Pitt, Elizabeth  1901London, England, UK I5704


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Beaumont / Brookman  1872London, England, UK F21057
2 Beaumont / Edgell  1904London, England, UK F21056
3 Carter / McDonald  1874London, England, UK F12580
4 Cornick / Sells  1915London, England, UK F4987
5 Ellsmore / West  1864London, England, UK F7670
6 Eynon / Hobson  1872London, England, UK F1572
7 Groome / Lasbury  6 Sep 1685London, England, UK F1860
8 Hanford / Cox  1920London, England, UK F20239
9 Hillier / Johns  19 Jul 1915London, England, UK F18201
10 Lasbury / Cripps  1841London, England, UK F1716
11 Lasbury / Hughes  6 Dec 1805London, England, UK F2191
12 Lasbury / Young  4 Aug 1717London, England, UK F2188
13 Lilley / West  1856London, England, UK F7671
14 Lisk / Holmes  7 Sep 1903London, England, UK F11410
15 O'Leary / Docherty  1906London, England, UK F19082
16 Pitt / Mazzier  1905London, England, UK F2063
17 Sheppard / Skinner  Abt 1868London, England, UK F2187