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Hampshire, England, UK


Tree: Lasbury Family

Latitude: 51.0588036, Longitude: -1.2853306


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ann  1766Hampshire, England, UK I99817 Lasbury Family 
2 Abrahams, Beatrice Louisa  1869Hampshire, England, UK I11025 Lasbury Family 
3 Cook, Ernest A.  1868Hampshire, England, UK I30445 Lasbury Family 
4 Cook, Henry J.  1865Hampshire, England, UK I30444 Lasbury Family 
5 Cousin, David  1883Hampshire, England, UK I56051 Lasbury Family 
6 Cousin, Margaret  1878Hampshire, England, UK I56050 Lasbury Family 
7 Crowhurst, Steven Jon  4 Jul 1963Hampshire, England, UK I60738 Lasbury Family 
8 Dawson, Samuel  Hampshire, England, UK I67032 Lasbury Family 
9 Elstone, Philip Alfred  22 Jan 1898Hampshire, England, UK I42910 Lasbury Family 
10 Foyne, Elizabeth  1821Hampshire, England, UK I94536 Lasbury Family 
11 Gain, Fanny  1852Hampshire, England, UK I63527 Lasbury Family 
12 Gain, Sarah Mary  1845Hampshire, England, UK I63526 Lasbury Family 
13 Hailey, Sarah J.  1855Hampshire, England, UK I91372 Lasbury Family 
14 Harbor, Frederick  1837Hampshire, England, UK I94104 Lasbury Family 
15 Hooke, Richard Nicholas  1 Jan 1913Hampshire, England, UK I86464 Lasbury Family 
16 Horler, Margaret Emma  31 Jan 1922Hampshire, England, UK I35245 Lasbury Family 
17 Kimber, Edith  1855Hampshire, England, UK I48676 Lasbury Family 
18 Kinger, Mary Jane  1830Hampshire, England, UK I85824 Lasbury Family 
19 Langford, Arthur Samuel  9 Jun 1881Hampshire, England, UK I43448 Lasbury Family 
20 Langford, Phyllis Winifred  3 Jul 1924Hampshire, England, UK I24580 Lasbury Family 
21 Liming, Matilda  1836Hampshire, England, UK I94105 Lasbury Family 
22 Rabbets, Kathleen Margaret  27 Apr 1920Hampshire, England, UK I1956 Lasbury Family 
23 Spreadbury, Eliza  1826Hampshire, England, UK I48400 Lasbury Family 
24 Stratton, William Henry  1868Hampshire, England, UK I30878 Lasbury Family 
25 Swatton, Jane  1861Hampshire, England, UK I60950 Lasbury Family 
26 Veal, Alice Maud  14 Nov 1874Hampshire, England, UK I44086 Lasbury Family 
27 Vidler, James  1825Hampshire, England, UK I85823 Lasbury Family 
28 Windless, Charles William  7 Nov 1900Hampshire, England, UK I60969 Lasbury Family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aslett, Elizabeth Sophia  14 Oct 1952Hampshire, England, UK I33309 Lasbury Family 
2 Baker, Olive Irene  2006Hampshire, England, UK I70119 Lasbury Family 
3 Baldwin, Renee Ellen  2000Hampshire, England, UK I60730 Lasbury Family 
4 Bartley, Walter Edward  26 Feb 1948Hampshire, England, UK I96109 Lasbury Family 
5 Bridgeman, Clarissa  1980Hampshire, England, UK I39117 Lasbury Family 
6 Bridges, Douglas Mervyn  2014Hampshire, England, UK I95765 Lasbury Family 
7 Brown, Basil James Govier  1992Hampshire, England, UK I52790 Lasbury Family 
8 Butcher, Constance Florence  1999Hampshire, England, UK I28487 Lasbury Family 
9 Carpenter, Norman Walter  2019Hampshire, England, UK I77717 Lasbury Family 
10 Cresswell, Manfred Arthur  9 Feb 1996Hampshire, England, UK I77356 Lasbury Family 
11 Crowhurst, Steven Jon  1 Oct 1994Hampshire, England, UK I60738 Lasbury Family 
12 Dando, Phyllis  1998Hampshire, England, UK I33276 Lasbury Family 
13 Elford, Walter  Nov 1975Hampshire, England, UK I61753 Lasbury Family 
14 Flower, Francis Arthur  2005Hampshire, England, UK I23930 Lasbury Family 
15 Fraser, Donald William  1986Hampshire, England, UK I33138 Lasbury Family 
16 Freemantle, Dorothy Edith Ann  1992Hampshire, England, UK I60668 Lasbury Family 
17 Galpin, Dennis William  19 May 2015Hampshire, England, UK I69288 Lasbury Family 
18 Goodland, Ronald Sydney  1994Hampshire, England, UK I75200 Lasbury Family 
19 Handley, Christopher C.  2005Hampshire, England, UK I44007 Lasbury Family 
20 Haynes, Walter Edmund  1944Hampshire, England, UK I34982 Lasbury Family 
21 Hobbs, John Humphrey  2003Hampshire, England, UK I36798 Lasbury Family 
22 Holley, Dennis William  1987Hampshire, England, UK I66000 Lasbury Family 
23 Matthews, Rhoda Joyce  2002Hampshire, England, UK I49231 Lasbury Family 
24 Meager, Eleanor Mary A.  Apr 1988Hampshire, England, UK I1537 Lasbury Family 
25 Miles, Charles Godfrey  1995Hampshire, England, UK I31297 Lasbury Family 
26 Munden, Peter Leonard  2001Hampshire, England, UK I94117 Lasbury Family 
27 Newman, Harold Winton  1971Hampshire, England, UK I74478 Lasbury Family 
28 Parfitt, Lilian Doreen  19 Jul 2009Hampshire, England, UK I90677 Lasbury Family 
29 Parfitt, Lois Elsie  1986Hampshire, England, UK I72759 Lasbury Family 
30 Parker, Charlotte Ann  1907Hampshire, England, UK I99818 Lasbury Family 
31 Parnell, Kathleen Florence Edith  25 Mar 1998Hampshire, England, UK I75846 Lasbury Family 
32 Plenty, Winifred Edith  1996Hampshire, England, UK I33479 Lasbury Family 
33 Porter, Eva Emily  1991Hampshire, England, UK I33137 Lasbury Family 
34 Pyle, Jean Rosemary  2004Hampshire, England, UK I27971 Lasbury Family 
35 Reid, Norah Violetta  2017Hampshire, England, UK I77355 Lasbury Family 
36 Ridley, Margaret Joyce  2 Dec 2016Hampshire, England, UK I75060 Lasbury Family 
37 Rossiter, Ellen Gladys  1972Hampshire, England, UK I33470 Lasbury Family 
38 Shearn, Florence Joan  2008Hampshire, England, UK I78241 Lasbury Family 
39 Smith, Nellie Gladys Cambrai  2013Hampshire, England, UK I26437 Lasbury Family 
40 Stack, Gerald Joseph  1991Hampshire, England, UK I60701 Lasbury Family 
41 Taviner, Leonard Victor  1974Hampshire, England, UK I75842 Lasbury Family 
42 Till, Ernest Alfred  1984Hampshire, England, UK I33277 Lasbury Family 
43 Tudgay, Annie Rose  1984Hampshire, England, UK I53563 Lasbury Family 
44 Uphill, Gwendoline Matilda Violet  25 Dec 1997Hampshire, England, UK I26289 Lasbury Family 
45 Verrier, Audrey  15 Feb 2005Hampshire, England, UK I91917 Lasbury Family 
46 Walker, Edith Maud  1985Hampshire, England, UK I50515 Lasbury Family 
47 Warner, Walter Harold  1989Hampshire, England, UK I7533 Lasbury Family 
48 Watts, Shirley Ann  2003Hampshire, England, UK I36717 Lasbury Family 
49 White, George Alan  28 Jun 1999Hampshire, England, UK I83516 Lasbury Family 
50 Worthy, Alice Minnie  1974Hampshire, England, UK I97237 Lasbury Family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Coote, Kezia  Hampshire, England, UK I9288 Lasbury Family 
2 Filer, Ellen  18 Mar 1946Hampshire, England, UK I8685 Lasbury Family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brown, Basil James Govier  1939Hampshire, England, UK I52790 Lasbury Family 
2 Hobbs, John Rupert  1939Hampshire, England, UK I12113 Lasbury Family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID   Tree 
1 Lasbury, Sarah Ann  10 Feb 1912Hampshire, England, UK I998 Lasbury Family 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Dullea / Sibley  1910Hampshire, England, UK F976 Lasbury Family 
2 Fooks / Gain  1875Hampshire, England, UK F26491 Lasbury Family 
3 Horler / Butcher  1942Hampshire, England, UK F10501 Lasbury Family 
4 Horler / Langford  1942Hampshire, England, UK F9008 Lasbury Family 
5 Waterman / Hughes  1964Hampshire, England, UK F33160 Lasbury Family