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Monmouthshire, Wales, UK


Tree: Lasbury Family

Latitude: 51.7580605, Longitude: -2.8694548


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizabeth  1812Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I11223 Lasbury Family 
2 Emma  1853Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I28137 Lasbury Family 
3 Ackford, William  1832Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I34135 Lasbury Family 
4 Ashman, John  1865Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I61114 Lasbury Family 
5 Bourton, George H.  1859Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I88805 Lasbury Family 
6 Brampton, Absolom E.  1875Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I34147 Lasbury Family 
7 Brampton, Theophilus J.  1873Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I34146 Lasbury Family 
8 Brimble, Celia  1859Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I63729 Lasbury Family 
9 Bryant, Alice  27 Aug 1879Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I32708 Lasbury Family 
10 Button, Jane  1882Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I19143 Lasbury Family 
11 Carpenter, Alfred George  1885Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I41728 Lasbury Family 
12 Carter, Elizabeth Melinda  1855Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I15688 Lasbury Family 
13 Carwardine, William  1835Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I73978 Lasbury Family 
14 Challenger, Ellen  1876Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I49858 Lasbury Family 
15 Champion, Celia  Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I41767 Lasbury Family 
16 Cooke, Charles  1854Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I88445 Lasbury Family 
17 Cooper, Mary Ellen  1854Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I19117 Lasbury Family 
18 Cox, James  1845Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I58262 Lasbury Family 
19 Cox, John  1837Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I58261 Lasbury Family 
20 Cox, Mary Ann  1849Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I58263 Lasbury Family 
21 Crook, Edward  1846Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I54062 Lasbury Family 
22 Dance, William George  1851Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I91166 Lasbury Family 
23 Dando, Ann  1830Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I7073 Lasbury Family 
24 Dando, Jonah Jehosophat  1826Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I7071 Lasbury Family 
25 Garrett, Lydia  1884Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I12450 Lasbury Family 
26 Gilson, Temperance  1853Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I66542 Lasbury Family 
27 Grey, Louisa  1879Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I34143 Lasbury Family 
28 Gulliford, Elizabeth  1868Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I28573 Lasbury Family 
29 Gulliford, James  1859Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I28571 Lasbury Family 
30 Gulliford, Mary Jane  1865Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I28572 Lasbury Family 
31 Gulliford, Samuel  1855Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I28570 Lasbury Family 
32 Gurney, Louisa  1829Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I8035 Lasbury Family 
33 Gurney, William Henry  1831Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I8036 Lasbury Family 
34 Harris, Jacob  1842Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I6758 Lasbury Family 
35 Harris, Maggie  4 Oct 1880Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I54113 Lasbury Family 
36 Hillman, John  1861Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I51156 Lasbury Family 
37 Hughes, Mary  29 Apr 1862Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I96579 Lasbury Family 
38 Jenkins, Alice Mabel  18 Jan 1893Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I59290 Lasbury Family 
39 Jenkins, Isabella  1868Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I73718 Lasbury Family 
40 Lewis, Edith Louisa  1880Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I30742 Lasbury Family 
41 Mabbott, Ellen  27 Nov 1905Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I54074 Lasbury Family 
42 McGrath, Elizabeth  1871Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I76174 Lasbury Family 
43 Meredith, Laura  19 Jan 1905Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I80312 Lasbury Family 
44 Parfitt, Albert George  22 Dec 1889Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I18455 Lasbury Family 
45 Pearce, Edgar Thain  1895Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I34210 Lasbury Family 
46 Pester, Eliza  1837Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I82131 Lasbury Family 
47 Pester, Thomas  1843Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I82116 Lasbury Family 
48 Pester, William  1828Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I82130 Lasbury Family 
49 Rees, Ann  1849Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I96135 Lasbury Family 
50 Starr, Martha Jane  1862Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I56133 Lasbury Family 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Brain, Maria  1855Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I5936 Lasbury Family 
2 Brimble, Sarah Ann  1928Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I63717 Lasbury Family 
3 Challenger, Allen Vivian  1996Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I49878 Lasbury Family 
4 Challenger, Beatrice  1974Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I49882 Lasbury Family 
5 Challenger, Blodwen  1995Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I49888 Lasbury Family 
6 Challenger, Elsie  1985Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I49884 Lasbury Family 
7 Chivers, Bryn Ivor  1990Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I71646 Lasbury Family 
8 Chivers, Esther Elaine  2012Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I71693 Lasbury Family 
9 Chivers, Gilbert Desmond  1976Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I71263 Lasbury Family 
10 Chivers, Ivy L.  2013Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I71514 Lasbury Family 
11 Chivers, Leslie Henry  2009Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I71700 Lasbury Family 
12 Chivers, Wilfred Benjamin  1991Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I71265 Lasbury Family 
13 Dando, Joshua  1896Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I7872 Lasbury Family 
14 Davies, Ethel May  1981Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I46922 Lasbury Family 
15 Evans, Melita Edna  2001Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I95330 Lasbury Family 
16 Gallop, John  3 Sep 1954Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I35316 Lasbury Family 
17 Gulliford, Beatrice Irene  1986Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I46950 Lasbury Family 
18 Harris, Lucy  1990Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I35413 Lasbury Family 
19 Hatton, Donald Keith  1989Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I34240 Lasbury Family 
20 Hatton, Richard Stanley  1987Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I34219 Lasbury Family 
21 Higgins, Vera May  2005Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I49836 Lasbury Family 
22 Horler, Aaron  1904Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I10706 Lasbury Family 
23 Jenkins, Robin Anthony  2015Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I92582 Lasbury Family 
24 Linney, Barbara Jean  2015Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I80633 Lasbury Family 
25 Linney, Evelyn Constance  2006Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I80611 Lasbury Family 
26 Marshall, Selina  1975Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I49912 Lasbury Family 
27 Nash, Florence Ceinwen  1994Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I49813 Lasbury Family 
28 Peake, Elsie  1992Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I23810 Lasbury Family 
29 Peake, Gladys Helen  2003Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I23812 Lasbury Family 
30 Powell, Phyllis Elizabeth  2015Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I71698 Lasbury Family 
31 Rowlands, Jeanne Harriet  2008Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I80617 Lasbury Family 
32 Ruddick, Thomas Cyril George  1984Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I46938 Lasbury Family 
33 Smith, Bernard Frederick  1997Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I60496 Lasbury Family 
34 Smith, Ivy Daisy  1986Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I49879 Lasbury Family 
35 Sutton, Donald  1995Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I71515 Lasbury Family 
36 Symonds, Ida Margaret  1998Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I71701 Lasbury Family 
37 Warren, Florence Victoria B.  1977Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I41677 Lasbury Family 
38 Watkins, Gladys Mona  2012Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I17286 Lasbury Family 
39 Whittock, Lilian Joyce  1977Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I37502 Lasbury Family 
40 Williams, Johnny  2002Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I35273 Lasbury Family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID   Tree 
1 Gurney, Louisa  15 Feb 1829Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I8035 Lasbury Family 
2 Gurney, William Henry  15 May 1831Monmouthshire, Wales, UK I8036 Lasbury Family 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Barton / Dando  1845Monmouthshire, Wales, UK F2675 Lasbury Family 
2 Chivers / Hinder  20 Aug 1932Monmouthshire, Wales, UK F29825 Lasbury Family 
3 Dando / Balne  1865Monmouthshire, Wales, UK F2701 Lasbury Family 
4 Pearce / Hawkins  1922Monmouthshire, Wales, UK F13254 Lasbury Family 
5 Webb / Little  1899Monmouthshire, Wales, UK F39480 Lasbury Family