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Yorkshire, England, UK


Tree: Lasbury Family

Latitude: 54.1334647, Longitude: -1.3158781


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Harriet  1826Yorkshire, England, UK I90461 Lasbury Family 
2 Atha, Margaret  1850Yorkshire, England, UK I50525 Lasbury Family 
3 Brigg, William  Abt 1815Yorkshire, England, UK I31533 Lasbury Family 
4 Copley, Lucy  23 Feb 1902Yorkshire, England, UK I51875 Lasbury Family 
5 Cowell, Martha  18 Jan 1882Yorkshire, England, UK I50712 Lasbury Family 
6 Crookes, Herbert  1895Yorkshire, England, UK I88406 Lasbury Family 
7 Crowther, Agnes  1844Yorkshire, England, UK I91389 Lasbury Family 
8 Dickinson, Aaron  1823Yorkshire, England, UK I90450 Lasbury Family 
9 Dickinson, Elizabeth  1855Yorkshire, England, UK I90443 Lasbury Family 
10 Earnshaw, William  1837Yorkshire, England, UK I97537 Lasbury Family 
11 Fletcher, Albert Edward  14 Dec 1866Yorkshire, England, UK I66148 Lasbury Family 
12 Gill, Harriet  1814Yorkshire, England, UK I65931 Lasbury Family 
13 Hart, Grace Venda  2 Oct 1919Yorkshire, England, UK I29331 Lasbury Family 
14 Ibberson, Mary  1837Yorkshire, England, UK I97538 Lasbury Family 
15 Lunn, Florrie Sykes  1887Yorkshire, England, UK I24955 Lasbury Family 
16 Martino, Charles  5 Jul 1903Yorkshire, England, UK I69119 Lasbury Family 
17 Medley, Charles  1844Yorkshire, England, UK I15540 Lasbury Family 
18 Nevin, Isabella Ann  19 Aug 1879Yorkshire, England, UK I9063 Lasbury Family 
19 Powell, Ann  21 May 1876Yorkshire, England, UK I39999 Lasbury Family 
20 Simpkin, Thomas  1807Yorkshire, England, UK I1321 Lasbury Family 
21 Sproates, Joseph  1846Yorkshire, England, UK I98456 Lasbury Family 
22 Turner, John  Yorkshire, England, UK I34725 Lasbury Family 
23 Wade, Grace  10 Nov 1815Yorkshire, England, UK I3084 Lasbury Family 
24 Walker, Sarah  1848Yorkshire, England, UK I82806 Lasbury Family 
25 Walton, William  1833Yorkshire, England, UK I77323 Lasbury Family 
26 Warton, Ann  7 Dec 1810Yorkshire, England, UK I1322 Lasbury Family 
27 Watson, James Wheater  1847Yorkshire, England, UK I50524 Lasbury Family 
28 Wilkinson, Joseph  Yorkshire, England, UK I14365 Lasbury Family 
29 Williamson, Edwin Bartliff  1856Yorkshire, England, UK I61862 Lasbury Family 
30 Woffenden, Daniel Alfred Benjamin  23 Sep 1886Yorkshire, England, UK I101008 Lasbury Family 
31 Woffenden, George  23 Jul 1882Yorkshire, England, UK I49819 Lasbury Family 
32 Wood, Caroline Laura  22 Jan 1865Yorkshire, England, UK I47467 Lasbury Family 
33 Wylde, Harriet Elizabeth  1895Yorkshire, England, UK I88407 Lasbury Family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Armitage, John Clifford  23 Oct 2018Yorkshire, England, UK I90021 Lasbury Family 
2 Beacham, Arthur Ernest  2005Yorkshire, England, UK I97389 Lasbury Family 
3 Brimble, Kenneth Hugh  1995Yorkshire, England, UK I24552 Lasbury Family 
4 Chivers, Charles  1930Yorkshire, England, UK I55578 Lasbury Family 
5 Cray, Clifford Walter  2001Yorkshire, England, UK I15014 Lasbury Family 
6 Frost, Vera  Abt 2011Yorkshire, England, UK I47877 Lasbury Family 
7 Hill, Florence May  26 Mar 1971Yorkshire, England, UK I24629 Lasbury Family 
8 Laverack, Henry  1940Yorkshire, England, UK I47104 Lasbury Family 
9 Oakley, Joseph Henry  25 Jul 2010Yorkshire, England, UK I24672 Lasbury Family 
10 Rodd, Ernest Gilbert Harold  22 Nov 1973Yorkshire, England, UK I88160 Lasbury Family 
11 Rutherford, Doris Hamblin  1999Yorkshire, England, UK I16302 Lasbury Family 
12 Talbot, Amy Isobel  1995Yorkshire, England, UK I24553 Lasbury Family 
13 Tunnicliffe, Ronald  2003Yorkshire, England, UK I24701 Lasbury Family 
14 Turner, Barry  2003Yorkshire, England, UK I36356 Lasbury Family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Elford, Joseph  20 Mar 1895Yorkshire, England, UK I44019 Lasbury Family 
2 Hobbs, Stanley  Yorkshire, England, UK I9096 Lasbury Family 
3 Samples, Herbert  1939Yorkshire, England, UK I67687 Lasbury Family 
4 Templeton, John  1851Yorkshire, England, UK I29415 Lasbury Family 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Moody / Lintern  1 Nov 1885Yorkshire, England, UK F19786 Lasbury Family