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Durham, England, UK



Latitude: 54.7775322, Longitude: -1.5746061


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Austin, Priscilla Eleanor  1931Durham, England, UK I44084
2 Button, Jeremiah  1873Durham, England, UK I19078
3 Button, Martha  1877Durham, England, UK I19079
4 Button, William  1871Durham, England, UK I19073
5 Charlton, Everalda  28 Oct 1908Durham, England, UK I67675
6 Chedgy, Robert  25 Apr 1868Durham, England, UK I59904
7 Coulson, Jane  1838Durham, England, UK I55722
8 Crooks, Margaret Constance Annie  3 Jul 1894Durham, England, UK I21381
9 Dando, James  29 Oct 1857Durham, England, UK I9535
10 Dixon, Charles Wesley  1893Durham, England, UK I11483
11 Dixon, Elizabeth Ann  1892Durham, England, UK I11482
12 Dixon, Ernest  1897Durham, England, UK I11484
13 Dixon, Grace  1899Durham, England, UK I11485
14 Eddy, Alan  10 Nov 1927Durham, England, UK I36055
15 Frappell, Alfred Mark  17 Oct 1892Durham, England, UK I55704
16 Gatiss, Dorothy  1857Durham, England, UK I55690
17 Gatiss, George M.  1835Durham, England, UK I55721
18 Gay, Frederick John  1871Durham, England, UK I42413
19 Gay, Thomas James  1877Durham, England, UK I26031
20 Gould, Mabel  27 Mar 1913Durham, England, UK I56325
21 Hamblin, John  1870Durham, England, UK I16363
22 Horler, Emma  1875Durham, England, UK I24557
23 Horler, Georgina  1873Durham, England, UK I24556
24 Horler, Mary Jane  1877Durham, England, UK I34430
25 Howe, Rhoda  1888Durham, England, UK I44470
26 Johnson, Stanley W.  8 Dec 1891Durham, England, UK I21382
27 Jukes, Louie  1889Durham, England, UK I24799
28 Kidd, Nicholas C.  Durham, England, UK I19481
29 Latchem, Margaret Ann  1893Durham, England, UK I11474
30 Latchem, Miranda  1896Durham, England, UK I11475
31 Leggett, John  8 Feb 1934Durham, England, UK I56279
32 Lippiatt, Ada Caroline  1869Durham, England, UK I16712
33 Lippiatt, Gerald Adron  29 Sep 1874Durham, England, UK I16713
34 Moon, Annie  1876Durham, England, UK I38595
35 Peart, John  Durham, England, UK I63560
36 Plows, Harry  8 Aug 1900Durham, England, UK I42143
37 Portrey, William Isaac  12 Apr 1883Durham, England, UK I5883
38 Postgate, Robert  1834Durham, England, UK I52584
39 Pratt, Philip  2 Aug 1878Durham, England, UK I52839
40 Richardson, Florence Beatrice  1899Durham, England, UK I17379
41 Richardson, Matthew  1900Durham, England, UK I17380
42 Rowbotham, John Edward  10 Aug 1910Durham, England, UK I55278
43 Smiles, Walter  1821Durham, England, UK I32742
44 Tiley, Elizabeth  1833Durham, England, UK I52585
45 Waugh, Jane Ann  1879Durham, England, UK I59911
46 Wearmouth, Robert  25 May 1885Durham, England, UK I56330
47 Wilkinson, Eleanor Margaret  26 Jan 1868Durham, England, UK I55691
48 Withers, Louisa D.  1882Durham, England, UK I38080


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Ashman, Barbara Alice  1987Durham, England, UK I52410
2 Atkinson, Robert  1958Durham, England, UK I56296
3 Bain, Ernest Alexander  1952Durham, England, UK I57090
4 Button, Jeremiah  1890Durham, England, UK I19078
5 Button, Jonas  1905Durham, England, UK I19070
6 Chedgy, Alfred  31 Oct 1882Durham, England, UK I59898
7 Chedgy, Morley Samuel  1967Durham, England, UK I59910
8 Chedgy, Robert  1932Durham, England, UK I59904
9 Dawson, Jane  1959Durham, England, UK I56273
10 Flowers, Thomas  1963Durham, England, UK I55713
11 Forbes, Andrew  1973Durham, England, UK I24737
12 Gait, Frederick  1930Durham, England, UK I39368
13 Gait, Gladys  1969Durham, England, UK I12686
14 Gait, Sylvester Frank  1955Durham, England, UK I17132
15 Gould, Albert Ernest  1952Durham, England, UK I56313
16 Gould, Joseph  1935Durham, England, UK I23414
17 Gould, Joseph Fisher  1892Durham, England, UK I56312
18 Gould, Laura Louisa  1969Durham, England, UK I56329
19 Greenfield, Elsie Mary  1986Durham, England, UK I56290
20 Heal, Keziah  1893Durham, England, UK I49514
21 Henderson, William Leggett  1989Durham, England, UK I56271
22 Holden, Roland John  1976Durham, England, UK I47030
23 Kerley, Frank Harry  15 Aug 1954Durham, England, UK I25405
24 Lear, Elizabeth  1921Durham, England, UK I22628
25 Lear, Job Frederick Walter  3 Mar 1908Durham, England, UK I23391
26 Leggett, Edward  1970Durham, England, UK I56272
27 Leggett, John  1988Durham, England, UK I56274
28 Leggett, John  2006Durham, England, UK I56279
29 Leggett, Maude  1985Durham, England, UK I56295
30 Leggett, Roy  Jul 1986Durham, England, UK I56293
31 Melville, George Aubrey  1956Durham, England, UK I40090
32 Morley, Mary  1906Durham, England, UK I59901
33 Oaks, Mary Ann  1949Durham, England, UK I55714
34 Pilkington, Norah  1984Durham, England, UK I56275
35 Portrey, Ambrose  1919Durham, England, UK I5848
36 Postgate, Ellen  1951Durham, England, UK I52583
37 Purdell, Emily  1869Durham, England, UK I5914
38 Rennison, Hannah  1950Durham, England, UK I59905
39 Robins, Joseph  1970Durham, England, UK I14737
40 Robinson, Mary Ethel  1939Durham, England, UK I56318
41 Rogers, Annie  1983Durham, England, UK I64744
42 Seymour, George  1972Durham, England, UK I10626
43 Simon, William  1971Durham, England, UK I64745
44 Wearmouth, Robert  1955Durham, England, UK I56330


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Leggett, Edward  14 Mar 1970Durham, England, UK I56272


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Crooks, Margaret Constance Annie  17 Aug 1894Durham, England, UK I21381
2 Postgate, Robert  20 Jul 1834Durham, England, UK I52584
3 Smiles, Walter  22 Jul 1821Durham, England, UK I32742


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Peek, John  9 Apr 1888Durham, England, UK I37645


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Chivers, Henry  1901Durham, England, UK I71243
2 Gait, Frederick  1911Durham, England, UK I39368
3 Leggett, John  1939Durham, England, UK I56274
4 Leggett, Norman  1939Durham, England, UK I56282


Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Button / Ramsbottom  1898Durham, England, UK F6781
2 Button / Reed  1902Durham, England, UK F6783
3 Chedgy / Morley  1875Durham, England, UK F24863
4 Chedgy / Rennison  1894Durham, England, UK F24865
5 Chivers / Button  1866Durham, England, UK F21614
6 Chivers / Carpenter  1900Durham, England, UK F29644
7 Crooks / Blenkinsopp  1892Durham, England, UK F7882
8 Eddy / Austin  1950Durham, England, UK F17826
9 Ford / Button  1898Durham, England, UK F6782
10 Franks / Ashman  1933Durham, England, UK F21494
11 Gait / Burford  1887Durham, England, UK F15621
12 Gould / Robinson  1908Durham, England, UK F23233
13 Gould / Wearmouth  1914Durham, England, UK F23241
14 Gray / Morley  1889Durham, England, UK F24864
15 Grist / Banks  1914Durham, England, UK F16867
16 Hamblin / Canvin  1883Durham, England, UK F5693
17 Hamblin / Hacker  1908Durham, England, UK F5694
18 Johnson / Crooks  1914Durham, England, UK F7778
19 Lear / Andrews  1873Durham, England, UK F23162
20 Paxton / Gould  1936Durham, England, UK F23237
21 Postgate / Tiley  25 Dec 1857Durham, England, UK F21512
22 Pude / Bateson  1876Durham, England, UK F15523
23 Richardson / Cairns  1904Durham, England, UK F6078
24 Richardson / Jackson  1890Durham, England, UK F6077
25 Robins / Smith  1866Durham, England, UK F5130
26 Robinson / Tweddell  1881Durham, England, UK F23234
27 Rutherford / Hamblin  1908Durham, England, UK F5695
28 Stephenson / Gould  1939Durham, England, UK F23235
29 Ward / Richardson  1933Durham, England, UK F6079
30 Watchman / Leggett  1929Durham, England, UK F23224
31 Wearmouth / Gould  1913Durham, England, UK F23239