Lasbury Family History

This website contains my research of the Lasbury family worldwide. I began this quest about 30 years ago just researching my own UK branch of Lasbury’s. This was extended somewhat when I was contacted by Mary Lasbury from San Francisco who shared her own family’s research with me. Since then the family records have grown to encompass numerous branches of the Lasbury family both in the UK and the rest of the world. The records also contain the research I have undertaken on my wife Christine’s family and generally any other family that has a connection through marriage to a Lasbury individual.

Legacy Family Tree

I use a software package called Legacy Family Tree to store my records on my PC and I upload them to an online database system called TNG (The Next generation) which is running behind the scenes of my web site. This allows for a massive improvement over a normal website as the web pages are created on demand using the records stored within the database. This makes it much quicker and easier for me to update the web site with new records and offers a much improved browsing experience including an impressive search facility.

TNG (The Next Generation)

Not all of the records within are from my own personal research, some have been shared by individuals when our research paths have crossed. I owe a great deal of thanks to these individuals who have been kind enough to share their research with me and I have named those individuals on the Credits page.

My mother June Lasbury was the one who first interested me in finding out about my heritage. She took a great interest in my early findings, I just wish she were still alive to see the records available here, stretching across the world and going back several hundred years. I therefore dedicate this website to my mother June Margaret Lasbury who was born in 1931 and died after a long illness in 2003.

I encourage you to explore the website and utilise the menu to the left that will take you into the TNG system. Browse the surnames or use the search facility. If you find anything relevant then please send me a message, I would love to hear from you.

Robin Lasbury

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